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DTN Platform

Power space communications with Delay and Disruption Tolerant Networking

example network overlay of ISS

dtn manager

Manage network overlays between agencies and commercial nodes

Our manager is integrated with mission operations for contact plan scheduling as well as management of Spatiam's DTN instances.

Two DTN nodes using Spatiam's DTN instance

dtn instance

Managed DTN endpoints that store-and-forward data

We support network updates, logging, operations, and bundle protocol instances that are deployable in the cloud and on embedded devices in minutes.

local and remote access to Spatiam's DTN CLI

dtn cli

Command Line Interface for remote low-level operations control and monitoring

Available with remote access via Spatiam's DTN Manager.

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About Us

At Spatiam Corporation, we envision the future of space communications: A commercial space network that connects humans and science everywhere in the solar system.

We are building a Delay and Disruption Tolerant Network (DTN) Platform to support a growing set of assets, partners, and use cases for the Low-Earth Orbit, the Moon, Mars, and other deep space destinations.

In early 2020, thanks to NASA's drive towards the commercialization of the Low-Earth Orbit, a research idea of the founders evolved into commercial experimentation. That idea turned into a business: Spatiam Corporation.

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