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Designing our first patch

By Dr. Alberto Montilla • January 2024

A collaboration with piñata artist Arnoldo Ferrer.

It is a tradition that each crewed mission into space creates a mission patch. The astronaut crew works with a graphic designer to create it, representing the crew and the mission. It typically includes the crew names and the design shows aspects of the mission and of the crew's lives.

To celebrate the technology demonstration of the SPATIAM DTN Platform on the International Space Station, we partnered with artist Arnoldo Ferrer, from Isla Piñata Madrid, in designing the technology demonstration patch.

The Patch Design

Technology Demonstration Patch.

The patch follows a traditional circular design, with text describing the key participant: The SPATIAM DTN Platform, and the main objective: A technology demonstration on the ISS.

The patch is commanded by the Flag of the United States of America, highlighting the advancement of the US in supporting science and engineering in space, with the US National Laboratory and the Center for Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS) sponsoring this demonstration, and Spatiam Corporation, an American business contributing to the creation of the Interplanetary Internet.

Below the flag is the main feature of the patch, the icon of the International Space Station hanging above Earth, and connected through an expanding wave representing the data exchange in space.

The three stars in the left side represent the three partners of the demonstration: The ISS US National Laboratory, Axiom Space as implementation partner, and NASA providing the communications and operational support necessary for the success of the demonstration.

The four stars on the right side represent the four key members of team Spatiam participating in this technology demonstration, Dr. Alberto Montilla (Principal Investigator), Alberto Montilla Ochoa (SPATIAM DTN Platform Lead and Administrator, and Owner of the Data Management Plan), Eric Hill (Software Engineer) and Veronica Acosta (Project Manager).

About the collaboration

Arnoldo Ferrer is an experienced graphic designer, artist, and owner of Isla Piñata Madrid (Spain). According to Arnoldo, “it is an honor to lead the design of the patch for a project of this category, connected to space, Spatiam, and the International Space Station. I am thankful to the Spatiam team for trusting me with this work”.

With a successful graphic designer and artist career, Arnoldo has been transforming the celebrations landscape with his exclusive piñata designs.

As a Hispanic-owned business, Spatiam is proud to partner with Arnoldo Ferrer, an artist that elevates a key tradition of the Hispanic families: The Piñata.

Research reported in this project article was awarded through ISS National Lab Research Announcement 2023-7: Technology Advancement and Applied Research Leveraging the ISS National Lab.

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